PADGE 2007 Proceeding guidelines for authors

The lectures and posters presented at PADGE 2007 will be published in the congress proceedings. In order to standardize this process somewhat, we publish here the guidelines that must be followed strictly. Not following these guidelines can result in having you to rework your file if this is possible before the submission deadline or in a rejection of the paper.
  1. Prepare your paper with LaTeX. This is a necessity since all LaTeX-files will be combined to one, guaranteeing a consistent structure and look throughout the proceedings. We cannot accept papers written in other environments like for instance MS Word.
  2. Use this LaTeX-template as starting point. The most important instructions are included as comments in this file. Furthermore, there are indications in this file what to insert where. Do not change the header section of this file unless it is necessary to process the file on your system. If this is the case, please comment out the lines instead of deleting them. Furthermore, make sure that the dimensions of your page are identical to the ones we set in this template.
  3. The submitted papers must be based on DIN A4 paper, commonly used in Europe. If this is not the case, it will be altered with a possible change in layout as a result.
  4. Since all LaTeX-files will be combined to produce the proceedings, make sure that the definitions you create for usage in your file are unique. If this is not the case, this can result in strange behaviour when combined with the work of others. In order to guarantee this uniqueness, insert your name for instance in the definitions, like in \label{vandewoestyne:ref1}.
  5. Don't insert stuff that alters the layout (margins, font size, interspace, ...).
  6. In order to make your LaTeX-files more readable for us, please follow the insertion guidelines available in the template file.
  7. The maximum size of your paper is 8 pages.
  8. Due to changes to our computer system, the upload procedure is no longer available. Papers however can be submitted before October 1st 2007 by e-mail to Ignace Van de Woestyne.
The proceedings have been published in 2007 by Shaker Verlag Germany. Follow this link to obtain more information and to order a copy.
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